Bed Sheet Styles

Our Fun and Functional Bed Linens

homelinenpocket is our premier line of bed linens with patented, ergonomically placed pockets on both sides. No more last minute trips out of bed once you’re settled in – your favorite stuff is now within fingertip reach. Once you begin using our unique bed linens, you’ll never go back to ordinary sheets! Still wondering how you can use them? Read letters from our satisfied customers who wrote about how homelinenpocket bed linens made a difference in their life.

Our bed sheets are manufactured with the highest quality specifications for long-lasting use:
60/40 poly/cotton percale for a cool, crisp feel.

Single ply thread. You are assured that the thread count is accurate.

Your choice of two pocket styles:

Single Compartment: One 15″ x 6″ compartment plus a 2″ strap.
Duo Compartment: A 15″ x 6″ pocket divided into two compartments, 9.5″ and 4.5″, plus a 2″ strap.
The 2″ strap allows you to easily hang and reach glasses, cell phones or any item with a hook.
Select either the single or duo compartment styles. They cannot be mixed on one sheet except for the custom Print sheets, which are designed entirely to your specifications. Please check our FAQs for answers to most questions about our bed linens.

Bed Sheet Styles
homelinenpocket Hospital Sheets
The ergonomically placed pockets allow patients to have easy access to their personal necessities.
homelinenpocket Luxury Bed Linens
For the ultimate in comfort and style, our luxury bed linens are made of 100% Egyptian cotton or satin charmeuse. Choose Classic or Fabuleux styles for all bed styles including adjustable, electronic beds.


Custom bed linens designed exclusively for your lifestyle.

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