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You enter into a room and the first thing that catches your eye is a stunning chandelier. You immediately think to yourself you want one like that. But can you actually get one? Everybody loves decadent chandeliers, but they can be very expensive. The big question is if you have to give up on achieving the same effect. I firmly believe you do not. You can get reproduction chandeliers. These chandeliers are the perfect option if you want an antique looking chandelier but cannot afford one. With reproduction chandeliers you actually can. Dont give up on this status symbol. You deserve it and you can afford a reproduction that in the end will have the same effect.

The emergence of reproduction chandeliers can be understood if we think about supply and demand. You see, murano chandeliers are made in little isles around Venice and as much as we all love to have them scattered in house, their price make that unlikely. But people loved crystal chandeliers so much; there are many manufactures nowadays, not just muranos. Same thing goes to tiffany chandeliers. How many can the brad deliver? Enough for all the fans? Surely not. You see, this is why reproduction chandeliers get into the conversation.

Dont give up on your favorite designs. Go for reproduction chandeliers. They get the job done for a fraction of the cost. So theyre the best way to get an affordable chandelier in your home.

And this option is not just for crystal chandeliers. There are reproduction chandeliers of all sorts of material. Just think of something rare and not accessible to all the persons interested in them. Like antler chandeliers, for example. Reproduction antler chandeliers look as good and weight less on your ceiling as well as in your pocket.

If you havent considered it yet, maybe its time to do it. Reproduction chandeliers are a clever choice.

Classic & Luxury Bed Linens

Your bedroom is a harmonious arrangement of colors and forms; it’s your personal sanctuary of tranquility and tasteful surroundings. Complete your soothing repose with our homelinen Classic & Luxury Bed Linens featuring our unique ergonomic pockets. Choose from a selection of carefully chosen decorator-friendly colors to blend with any decor.
Unique ergonomic pockets with your choice of Single or Duo compartments
Thread counts from 300 to 1200
A full range of sizes including extra long twin and adjustable, dual mattress beds
Classic and Fabuleux Egyptian cotton sheets sport a shower cap design, with elastic completely around for a perfect fit every time
Our luxury linens have deep pockets that accommodate mattresses from 7″ to 18
The pillowcases are finished with deep hems and completely encase your pillow.
And all you need to do is place your favorite personal items within fingertip reach. What other sheets can give you this luxurious gift? Go ahead and pamper yourself or someone you love with our homelinen Classic or Fabuleux bed linens.
The Classic Luxury bed linens feature sleek, classic styling in 100%, single ply Egyptian cotton.
The Fabuleux Luxury bed linens feature an elegant Greek key trim. Choose 100%, single ply Egyptian cotton or silky smooth satin charmeuse.
If you want bed linens fully customized to your specifications, order Body Prints for the ultimate luxurious indulgence.

Do you want a bed sheet lovingly tailored for your lifestyle? Or do you care for a bedridden person who would benefit by having our bed sheet but requires unique modifications? Then our custom Prints are the perfect solution – bed linens designed exclusively to your specifications.

Create your own designer bed sheets! Choose the fabric, thread count, colors, pocket and strap placement and just about anything you can dream up. Decorate the pockets with beads, ribbons, stitching, an embroidered monogram – let your imagination run wild! For those with specific medical requirements, we will work with you to design pockets, straps and other modifications to fit your particular situation. Here are just a few ideas:

  • You have a special size or uniquely shaped bed.
  • You need custom pocket and strap placement or size.
  • You want to customize the ErgoPocket bed linens to match your bedding.

We will work with you via phone consultations or can conduct in-home assessments, where our expert stylist can examine your bedroom, furnishings and personal dynamics to help you create distinctive, one-of-a-kind bed linens.

Our Fun and Functional Bed Linens

homelinenpocket is our premier line of bed linens with patented, ergonomically placed pockets on both sides. No more last minute trips out of bed once you’re settled in – your favorite stuff is now within fingertip reach. Once you begin using our unique bed linens, you’ll never go back to ordinary sheets! Still wondering how you can use them? Read letters from our satisfied customers who wrote about how homelinenpocket bed linens made a difference in their life.

Our bed sheets are manufactured with the highest quality specifications for long-lasting use:
60/40 poly/cotton percale for a cool, crisp feel.

Single ply thread. You are assured that the thread count is accurate.

Your choice of two pocket styles:

Single Compartment: One 15″ x 6″ compartment plus a 2″ strap.
Duo Compartment: A 15″ x 6″ pocket divided into two compartments, 9.5″ and 4.5″, plus a 2″ strap.
The 2″ strap allows you to easily hang and reach glasses, cell phones or any item with a hook.
Select either the single or duo compartment styles. They cannot be mixed on one sheet except for the custom Print sheets, which are designed entirely to your specifications. Please check our FAQs for answers to most questions about our bed linens.

Bed Sheet Styles
homelinenpocket Hospital Sheets
The ergonomically placed pockets allow patients to have easy access to their personal necessities.
homelinenpocket Luxury Bed Linens
For the ultimate in comfort and style, our luxury bed linens are made of 100% Egyptian cotton or satin charmeuse. Choose Classic or Fabuleux styles for all bed styles including adjustable, electronic beds.


Custom bed linens designed exclusively for your lifestyle.

Bed Linens That Do More Than Fit!

  • Store, organize and easily reach your favorite personal items.
  • Free your nightstand from unsightly clutter.
  • Eliminate last minute trips out of bed.
  • Patients can access personal necessities without help.
  • Increase independence and reduce frustration of any bedridden person.

Our Shop is revolutionizing bedtime with its ingenious Linens. A simple concept for the ordinary bed sheet: ergonomically placed pockets on both sides of a fitted sheet. homelinenpocket bed sheets bring fun and functionality to every lifestyle—once you enjoy their convenience, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

homelinenpocket Hospital Sheets

Our hospital sheets are designed for use with standard hospital beds so patients can easily access what they want, when they want.

homelinenpocket Classic & Luxury Bed Linens

Spoil yourself or someone you love with our luxury bed linens that add functionality and fine style to your bedtime.

Body Prints Custom Bed Linens

The ultimate indulgence: custom bed linens tailored to your exact specifications. A Body Print is also a wonderful gift to help a loved one who is bedridden be more independent.